Sunday, January 6, 2008

Google Adsense in your Blog

You know that Google can help you make real money using their powerful advertising engine but you don’t know how? You have tried several pay per click programs and never earn anything? Well, your luck it’s about to change...

You only need this:

  1. A Google Mail account
  2. A Google Adsense Account
  3. A Google Blogspot of your favourite subject
  4. An hour of your time to configure everything and starts earning Real Money

Google Mail

If you already have a Google Mail (gmail) account, skip this step. If you don’t have one, go to and signup.

Click "Sign up for Gmail" :

Fill the sing up form:

Login to your new Gmail Account:

Now you can go to the next step:

Google Adsense

Go to Adsense page and create a new Google Adsense account. You have to logon using your gmail account.

When creating your account don't forget to configure your payment method, address, etc. Take your time to configure it...

Google Blogspot

Go to and click on "Create your blog now"

Fill all fields in form, use your GMail account

Choose a name to your Blog

Choose a template (you can change it at any time...)

Click on "Sart posting" to view your new blog!

You can add a testing post:

Edit blog settings:

Add new Elements to your Blog (Adsense adds, html scripts, polls, etc.)

Lets add a new Adsense Element:

Choose Sign:

Use your Gmail account (e-mail associated to Adsense Account):

Choose type and colors of your Google Adsense Adds and click "Save Changes":

Click "Save" Button:

Click on "View Blog":

And see your new blog: